Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breezy Sunday picnic

Sunny Sunday afternoon are always good times for picnic. We went down to our usually picnic haunt, East Coast Park.

We sure are happy when we see K just taking in the view, enjoying the breeze, looking at the kids play and asking to go after the doggies.

One day after the BiPap malfunction, it worked absolutely fine. It'd better work until the end of times for the price we paid.

Homecare Tea party 2014

We went for the KKH Homecare the party on Saturday. There were energetic Zumba performances, hand painting and cosplay characters. But we didn't really enjoy the party.

K had a few episode of desat there. Not sure why, but either she she couldn't cope with her secretion at that moment or she got a shock when she saw the masked cosplayers. But we sure made use of and thankful for the ample oxygen tanks around.

After resolving K desat issue, then our vivo BiPap decided to just off itself. We were on 12V external power and have used this setup countless of times. Thankfully after we connected the main AC power, the BiPap got up and working fine, including with the 12v battery, until we were home.

Only took this picture after we reached home. She went to party and got a "tattoo" and rainbow looms.