Monday, December 30, 2013

In time for Christmas

It has been about about 4 weeks since Kaelyn was discharged from hospital. She is home and in jolly good spirit. She also had the chance to receive gifts and unwrap presents for Christmas. (Last year Christmas was spent in hospital)

She went in with a high fever and cough. we had to go through a bad episode of having to fight to help K breath and stay alive.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Busy evening fighting

3rd day of her hospitalization today. Yes. k was re-admitted on the Tuesday afternoon. No sign of anything coming. Just coughs and more secretion over the past 2 day and a slight fever coming in the previous day.

Then suddenly she was burning at 40 degree, losing consciousness and life in her eyes. No stroller, no packed bags. We rushed to the hospital with my helper carrying her while mummy standby with the suction machine in the back seat.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Breathe in breathe out

This was the mantra I told K at home when she desat as she chokes on her secretion or gets angry and hold her breath. This was what I told her as I left her for the docs to extubate her. This is the 3rd day after her op. 

The curtains were drawn closed. It reopen 20 minutes later with K on her usual mask. Not only that, they already had done an intubation on the baby on the next bed. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

K's PEG and fundoplication procedure

K lies asleep peacefully, intubated and on painkillers after her PEG and fundoplication procedure as I am typing this beside her bed. She has her bedside buddies with her. All in good hands as you can see. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Barium/contrast study

Early morning, we had to dig K from her sleep at around 7am. Thankfully she is a morning person. She has a jolly mood mostly when she woke up. We have an appointment for her barium meal/contrast study. This is done in anticipation of her Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy(PEG) procedure  2 weeks later. 

I didn't ask or read much for this study. But probably they want to have a look at how her stomach looks like and if there are any obstruction or exception they would expect.

The appointment was at 9am. Good that this is the 1st appointment. The previous VFSS we did, we had a hour and half wait. To hungry babies and kids, this is quite an eternity as you are not allowed to have food 3 or 4 hours before.

The bad is the morning rush hour traffic. But thankfully no exceptional bad traffic. 

K can really fuss for quite a while. Throughout the half hour under the scan and preparation time, she was fussing non stop. I hear this is good exercise for their lungs :p

We finished everything without much problem. Hopefully her upcoming PEG procedure will be like this too. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

May power be bestow unto you

With K being dependent on machines to ensure as much of a quality lifestyle as possible, it has limited our activities in terms of time able to spend outside the house and activities. Then we also have to ensure her 20 hour feed per day. But that is another story for another day.

Where ever she goes, these machine follows. And these has a battery life.
  • BiPap Machine (2 Hrs)
  • Oximeter (5-7 Hrs)
  • Suction Machine (1 Hr)
  • Feeding Pump (10-15 Hrs)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marine Life Park Trip

It was a busy 3 days for Little K. We had an outing with MDAS on Saturday. Now Monday, was a trip to the fairly new Marine Life Park.

Why make K so busy? Well, one was the off day that daddy and mummy could take from work. The other was that as she is scheduled to have the PEG procedure done at end of October. It will probably take some time for K to settle down after the procedure. So we try to bring her out when she still can.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MDAS Out to Marina @ Keppel Bay

Saturday (21/09/2013) was a pretty sunny afternoon. Usually not a time when we would bring Kaelyn out for walk as she will complain because of the afternoon glare and heat. But anyway we are out because of MDAS invitation to Marina at Keppel Bay.

It's a place where daddy and mummy wanted to go have an afternoon off to eat brunch and see the boats but still haven't go yet. This time, they got the excuse to go there. So you could say that Kaelyn brings them to places.

When we arrived, we actually had Ms. Eunice Olsen at the drop off area to welcome the kids that came. She is the Ms Singapore Universe for the year 2000! And you can also say that Kaelyn also brings us out to rub shoulders with a celebrity.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

This girl wants matching bags

via Instagram

Kaelyn at the time of the photo was taken, already had a bath and was getting ready for her chest physio session. As she lay there in front of the dining table, she will use her sharp eyes to eyeball what ever that is on the table. If she wants to have her hands on and call out to us. If we let her, she would just touch and feel the texture and try to hold it if she could.

This morning, mummy's bag caught her eyes. Not a bad choice. Colour coordinated with her top. I say she might have an eye for fashion.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pinnacle@duxton walk walk

It seems like a nice day to bring Kaelyn out for a walk. We had planned to bring her to the roof garden on the 50th level of the pinnacle @ duxton for a walk. There was a slight drizzle while on the way there, threatening to spoil the day. But thankfully it stopped and the ground was not wet (dried up pretty quick plus just a short while of drizzle only)

I think it's a good day for Kaelyn. She hasn't been outdoors as it rained during her park time in the late afternoon a few times in the week. And yesterday as she refused to take a nap, we didn't bring her out.

Her nap times are getting lesser. She gets tired but refuses to go to sleep in the late afternoon, and choosing the inopportune times to fall alseep, such as during her chest physio, which is about an hour and half away from her normal bed time. The thumping probably comforts her, even though she has been rejecting pat pats while bed time.

Also the past Sunday have made us worried as she vomited twice in a day last week. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Home care session (23/08) and reflux issues

Kaelyn measured in at 10kg++ and 81cm in length. Not much weight increase this time round so feeding stays the same. An increase of about 2.5cm in length/height.

She got to try out the cough assist this time round as we requested for it previously. We only tried out a few sets at +-10 pressure settings. This is a very low setting. I guess they have their concerns as I think KKH is trying out the cough assist machine on such a young patient (Kaelyn is 18 months old) for the first time.

I think there was a positive outcome as her SPO2 increase from her average of 98 to 99-100. I shall give it a benefit of doubt that it is the cough assist machine working.

The next time round in hospital would be for her PEG procedure. I really can't wait for this actually as there is a reflux issue surfacing now. Recently Kaelyn had reflux again. This time while suctioning for her. It is worrying. I will try to schedule it earlier if possible.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vomit episode

This afternoon Kaelyn vomited. Thankfully it didn't seem to aspirate into or aspirate enough into the lungs for her to cause any collapse of her lungs.

She desat abit. Thankfully we were around her when it happen so we could do something immediately. I performed suction for her while my helper turned on the oxygen supply immediately.

I think we fed a little too much too fast. It was some fruit purée through her NG tube. But it happen during the feeding. It only happened awhile later when I propped her up and then she started to vomit.

Best not to be too enthusiastic with the additional feeding next time round. Although small amount of food but her underlying condition leads to weak muscles, including those of the sphincter leading to her stomach, this disabling her to hold back food in her stomach. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A walk in the (West Coast) Park

Did this draft in July but forgot to post it. This park visit was done 22nd July 2013. 

A Sunday noon and it's all fine weather. Nothing better then going out for a walk in the late afternoon. Mr. Sun was shining down. It was a beautiful afternoon. We decided on West Coast Park. A little far from our place but it gives Kaelyn some time to nap in the car.

The park was filled with activities from park goers. Kite flying, ultimate frisbee. With the side flaps down, We think Kaelyn enjoyed the sights.

Her cousin Issac came along too. I think Kaelyn enjoyed the company of her dear cousin. She just brightens up whenever we get that boy to give her a kiss or hug.

No pictures of the beautiful day. The photographer was too absorbed in his own walk :P

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project GIVE tea party

We were invited to the Project Smile Tea Party on the 6th Of July held at the Toa Payoh Central Community Club. This was a tea party open for the kids and their family under the KKH Homecare.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Doing groceries @ Changi city point

Last Sunday, we were preparing for a steamboat with some friends over our place. So we had to go do groceries. Wife stated this was a good time to bring Kaelyn out as the past week she has been cooped up at home because of the bad haze going on around singapore.

I am adverse to bringing her out to shopping malls as I am afraid how easy virus can be passed in such closed up areas and with crowds. But seeing that the time was earlier in the day, I am game for it.

So we brought her out to Changi City Point. Bad start. We forgot her stroller's undercarriage basket. This is used to carry her Bipap and the back up battery. We almost wanted to turn back home. But we decided to lie Kaelyn on the other side of the stroller and squeeze the Bipap with her legs. Anyway she will have a better view of the surrounding in the stroller this way. We kept the oximeter away in the bag as there was no real estate to hang or place it. We just monitor her facial expression.

We wanted to have our breakfast too so it restricted our choices of eateries and seats. Thankfully we got a seat just at the entrance of the eatery, so the space for her bigger than usual stroller was sufficient in this case.

Kaelyn was in good mood. Maybe she just felt "YEEESSSSS!!! OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!" kind of feeling. As we did our groceries, she waved hi to a staff who was beside her arranging the shelves. For the first time other then at the hospital, a man came up to me just asked me about how is her condition and stuff like this. She too, gave this man her best wave of hello, goodbyes and smiles all around.

Feels kind of weird to have someone come up to you to ask about her condition. Maybe that's another reason I keep her away from the mall.

Just a picture from today. No smiles at this point of time as she is nearing her nap time.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A year since we knew

It's been about a year since we knew about Kaelyn's underlying condition of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). When we knew about the full extent of what the disorder would do to Kaelyn, it seems like the world crumbled down. We never felt so  lost and helpless. If I break a leg, I know I can put a cast over the leg, rest and the bones would heal and my muscles would build up strength if i exercise it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sleeping time

I used to dread putting Kaelyn to sleep. Since birth, she is jolly spirit. She eats, drinks, bath ,takes medicine and play without fuss. But when it comes to sleep she is very difficult to put to make her sleep. She used to fuss for half hour to an hour.

So to put her to sleep, I resort to patting her even up to 1 year old. Sometimes I pat her a little hard that I am not sure if she was knocked out or being comforted to sleep. 

Sometimes we resort to tickling her ear...which she loves it so much. 

It actually took me a while to realize that just like anyone else, she probably needs to be flipped side to side to get comfy enough to fall asleep. 

So nowadays after some light play time on bed, when she starts fussing, I put her to her side. If she fusses, I flipped her to the other side. Repeat few times and rinse. 

Every now and then during the night, Kaelyn will cry out. It's her signal to flip her to the other side or on her back. I used to just try to pat her back to sleep. I didn't have the thought that she is tired when sleeping on 1 side. Silly dad. 

Another thing, my helper calls Kaelyn a penguin. She now needs the air condition to sleep well (I know...pampered right?) and while my helper shivers under her blanket, Kaelyn just sleeps, sometimes without her blankie. 

Now to fall asleep quicker, I use a hand fan to provide a light breeze onto her back. She loves it as this additional breeze calms her further and lure her to sleep. Talk about getting a princess treatment...

Parents Appreciation Day

Last Saturday, we were invited to a Parents Appreciation Day. It should be organized by Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS) and Rock of Ages Church. A chance to bring Kaelyn out for a spin around her stroller.

The event venue was at the Yishun SAFRA. We had some games and food. It was more like a session for the caregivers and parents to have a little fun. Even my helper got into the act.

Kaelyn here looking not too happy because she couldn't take part? But she was smiling to the aunties and uncles who came up to her. So all is good for her, since she got balloons as well.

We left before the event ended because we didn't bring Kaelyn's feeding pump out and we didn't want her to be off her continuous feed for too long. 

Fun time in the day time. Not so fun at night as Kaelyn didn't have enough nap time.When she does not have enough naps for about 2 days, she gets cranky and develops a slight fever, high heart rate and difficult to sleep. But she calmed down and was back to baseline by the middle of the night. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Home Care Session (10/05)

10th May was Kaelyn's 2nd home care visit. It was supposed to be a session with 2 other kids. But none of them turned up, so Kaelyn has full attention from the therapists, nurses and doctors.

We got Kaelyn and daddy weighed in too. 9.6kg. Dietitian decided she has put on weight too fast so reduce her milk powder feed by half cap. We feel it in our arms too when we carry her :P

She got her height taken too. 78.5cm. And she is growing fast such that the occupational therapist mentioned that she would probably need a cuddlebug  in few months time.  Oh well let's delay the new stroller for as long as possible. It will be a rather substantial cost :P

Mummy mentioned if she could stand, she would have reached mummy's bum. But maybe if she could stand, probably gravity and weight would not have let her grow as tall as she is now.

We also decided to start the ball rolling for Kaelyn undergo the gastrostomy procedure. 

NOT gastronomy. I wish she could though. Since she has to be on tube feeding for long term (very long), it makes sense to do this and fundoplication by the way to reduce the risk of reflux. But it would be months as she has to undergo appointment with the surgeon and perform some tests before they would go ahead. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Visual cues vs oximeter

We had a minor scare during the weekend. What happen wasn't serious, but in fact quite funny come to think of it.

We were attending a church service last Saturday when in the middle of the service, we noticed Kaelyn's O2 Sats weren't doing too good. We proceed to perform some suctioning on her airway as she has quite abit of secretions. But she didn't maintain her sats but it continued to drop slowly.

We were starting to get anxious and turned on her oxygen supply, when we also smell something. It is slightly embarrassing on Kaeyn's part, but well...she is just a little girl. It was smell of poo :) we pushed her out of the room quickly before the congregation leaves the room :P We were also slightly anxious still as her O2 sats are still not good.

Since the changing room was in the ladies, I did not follow. After minutes of changing Kaelyn out, they came out. Kaelyn is fine. I think she was exerting strength and not breathing as much hence the drop in O2 sats.

Funny when we come to think of it but not so funny at that time.

Oximeters is just a machine and it only reacts according to how the body is or how you are condition your body to be. Perhaps we depend on the oximeter a little too much. It would be good if learn to be more sensitive to visual cues that Kaelyn shows as well.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy morning

Kaelyn woke up feeling really happy this morning. She is all along a morning person. She wakes up cheerful. But this morning, she was especially happy. Not sure why but maybe she had some really sweet dreams the previous nights.

When you ask her to call papa, mama or auntie (our helper), she gives a short grunt or hmpf. If you ask her to sing a song, she actually pulls that grunt or hmpf longer. I am also glad that she is known as a courteous girl as she will greet and wave hello to any visitors who greeted her.

However we noticed that her movement in her mouth/lips area has lessen. From her old videos we had, she had more variance in her pitch and rhythm in her vocalization. She also used to be sticking her tongue out as and when. But now, she could only manage a short peek of her tongue out of her mouth. It could be the muscles being weaken in those area. This will probably affect her speech. Perhaps I wouldn't be able to hear her call out papa or mama.

No matter, every morning she wakes up with a beautiful smile is an added bonus for us. We treasure it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Easter weekend

It was consider a busy weekend for Kaelyn as we had plans for Kaelyn on both Friday and Saturday.

We had a friend who is having a dinner gathering for his birthday at Sentosa cove area on Good Friday. We had not gone there before so we took the opportunity to go and bring Kaelyn there as well.

She enjoyed the air condition hotel room and plushy bed. Then we went out for dinner. While we had our dinner, Kaelyn lay in her stroller, smiling and waving hello to some restaurant goers who occasionally turned around to make faces at her.

All was well until end of dinner when she choke slightly on her secretions. Combined with her not so nice behavior , she desat slightly. We cleared her up slightly and into the car she goes, and fell asleep while on the way home as her sats recovered.

We were invited to come along to a church service on Saturday evening. What a appropriate timing, during the Easter weekend. We had wanted to try go to church but was slightly apprehensive of how Kaelyn might take to it, both the crowd and the way we can arrange/accomadate Kaelyn. But since this was a couple we knew in hospital and with a kid on ventilator as well. If they are ok with the facility, we could try it out.

We went on Saturday evening service. They had a room away from the main congregation. And it was spacious so we had room to maneuver Kaelyn's stroller or move around to suction her. And it was ok to turn on your noisy suction pump as there other kids who were similar.

We had people pray for us. Kaelyn turn on her charm for people who prayed for her, smiling and making her brand of pretty eyes and waving hello to them. But as before, it was nearing her bed time. She is making her usual bed time tantrums. Anyway service was finishing, so we just left earlier before everything finished.

We could try that again. But maybe we better find a service timing in the day time when Kaelyn is easier to manage.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Outing to Marina Barrage

Shuhui's cousin organised a picnic at the Marina Barrage. We were invited. It was a good chance to bring Kaelyn out for some sightseeing, sun ray and a whiff of fresh air.

Well...not really fresh as she still puts on the bipap mask over her nose.

It was 5:30 pm when we reached. The sun was setting and it was breezy. Worries about the rain were of no concern. So it was good for this young lady who will grimace and voice her complains at strong and warm sunlight.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finally a session at L

We have been making appointments for Kaelyn to attend L's therapy session, but we have to put off thrice because of Kaelyn's. Finally after 3-4 months, Kaelyn was well enough to attend.

The session we had was mainly about fine tuning our technique and timing for chest physio and suctioning this time round.

We also tried sitting her up which is fine as we do it at home sometimes. We flipped her over on her tummy as well. This put her secretion in sort of a free flow mode, which is good as it will not clog her throat. Even L's so call water resistance membrane cloth was not match :)

We tried flipping her at home after the therapy session. She wasn't as cranky as she was at the therapy session. Probably she was surprised by such a move the first time round at the therapy session, considering we didn't put her in this position much. While lying in this manner home, she watched enjoyed her back rubs and massages.

All 3 of us took turns flipping her on her tummy and back. All this flipping back and forth probably tired her out. She was cranky at end of session and was knocked out when we put her back into the stroller.

This is her having her nap in the car while on the way home. Good nap.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time for Vaccination

Upon advice from doctors, we got Kaelyn to go for flu vaccination. She was scheduled for this jab for quite a while. It had to be postponed due to hospitalization, fever or was on anti biotic medication.

Finally, she is ok to go for the jab. But she has 2 for the day, since it was time for her 2nd pneumococcal jab as well. So 1 jab each up her left and right bum.

She is quite experienced and remembers her experience of her jab well. The moment she was flipped over for the jab, she started tearing up. But anyway she finished without much commotion.

However we had to stay a little longer than we wanted in the clinic as she desat due to her secretion. We cleared her up and got out of the place.

Kaelyn's Lunar birthday

Kaelyn's lunar birthday just past. Grandma took the effort to make the red eggs and longevity noodle for her.

Although she couldn't eat any of the above, she had some fun posing with it. She also had the chance to have a few licks of the egg and noodle.

This girl is loved by all :) and we are thankful for that

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday morning walk

We had wanted to bring Kaelyn to a park or something like that but always foiled by the weather.

Hence this time round, instead of opting to go out in the afternoon, where showers are more likely to appear, we went out in the morning.

another 3D2N stay in hospital

Sitting high up (well...high for her) with her favourite chew toy, a syringe. #kaelynaday by ka1w3n
Sitting high up (well...high for her) with her favourite chew toy, a syringe. #kaelynaday, a photo by ka1w3n on Flickr.

This is Kaelyn, sitting up in the hospital bed. Yes she was in KKH for another stay over the last week (26th to 28th Feb 2013) :(

We noticed she had fever going on and off for a few days. We thought maybe it was her teeth cutting out. We just gave her dosage of paracetamol. But it didn't really clear her fever. 5th day, we decided to go to her PD. She noticed that her airway sound uneven. This signals a high chance of collapsed lung probably in her weaker right lung.

This kind of case, we don't have much choice but to go to KKH. Hospital stays kind of which freaks me and my wife out because of the ICU episode of her this admission

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A real staycation

Because of Kaelyn's birthday and the intention to celebrate for her, we booked the bungalow chalet down at NSRCC......6 months in advance. Me and my wife may be laid back most times, deep down we are still kind of kiasu (scared to lose out)

Our plan was to stay over for 2 nights. Logistics wise, it is a little headache. I have to move Kaelyn herself, her clothing and diapers, equipment, stroller, milk, medical consumables and her beloved bolster/s. Of course we had our own stuff to bring too. But anyway we made it with everything.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kaelyn turns 1

Over the weekend, Kaelyn turned 1. She was born on the 16th February a year ago. She was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 when she was 4 months.

She didn't have the opportunity to be able to flip over or sit up by herself. Her respiratory function has also been compromised such that she needs mechanical respiratory assistance

But by God's grace, we made it through the first year.

I am thankful for the friends and family who have been there for Kaelyn and us and wanting to help in whatever ways they can. Be it snacks for us when we were in hospital, wanting to help financially or even just your presence around Kaelyn and us, we appreciate and treasure it dearly.

Happy Birthday Kaelyn!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Candid shots 001

Me and my wife are both working during the day time. So we miss out what goes on at home. We got the iPad Mini not long ago, which was Kaelyn to watch videos on.

Her favourite video? Barney the dinosaur!

Anyway with the built in camera on the iPad, our helper sometimes fiddles around with the camera. We also use it to try out some candid shots when we are just sitting around with her.

Here are some...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Staycation at the hospital

On 2 Friday nights ago, the little girl woke up in the middle of the night a few times looking uncomfortable. She was like this going into Saturday morning.

We were hoping she could sleep it off. But no. Her heart rate were quite high and she has a fever working up. Her sats also wasn't too good. She is struggling to maintain it at a healthy level despite suctioning and O2 being supplied.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Exercise station

We have a stainless steel frame. It fits just nice over her mattress during the day time. For now, we use it to hang slings for her legs. It enables her to move her legs more as it is supported against gravity and friction.

I try to lie beside her and do scissors with my leg, hopefully she tries to imitate me. It is good exercise for me too. She does have little little movements. Although limited, It's good for her to exercise whatever muscles she still has under control.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The new iPad Mini

Mummy got Kaelyn an iPad Mini while in the previous hospitalisation. It was meant to be a Christmas present for her.

Her favorite videos are Tom and Jerry cartoons, Barney and most of all the alphabetic songs from pink fong.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Kaelyn's equipment

Ever since her discharge from her last admission into KKH, we have to go home with a number of equipment.

1. Pulse Oximeter
The Nellcor N-600x. This is to monitor her Oxygen(O2) saturation level (O2 sats) level and her pulse rate. It is also good for getting a warning that she is waking up from her sleep. Normally, her O2 sats should be greater than 95%. Her pulse rate at home and in hospital differs a bit. It is higher at home. So we are trying to see that she settles down at home and maybe establish a baseline for her pulse rate.

2. Bipap Machine & humidifier
The Bi Level Positive airway pressure machine continuously pumps air into her airway to ensure she gets enough air to breathe. The humidifier works to ensure the air entering her airway is not too dry.

3. Kangaroo ePump
She had her inpedence test done in her last stay in KKH. The results were a significant reflux. So for now, feeding her is a round-the-clock affair. This is to reduce the pressure of one single bolus milk feed on her digestive system, and minimising the reflux issue for now.

4. Suction machine
She has 2 of this. One a "desktop" version, or rather one that is stationary and has no backup battery. The other is the DeVilbliss portable suction machine, which we promptly got as a backup after the incident where the suction machine broke down. It is also for whenever we leave house. We can help clear Kaelyn's airway as and when we need if we are out.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kaelyn with no ventilator mask and nasal tube

Just found another picture of Kaelyn. This one is probably taken during her weekly nasal tube change.

Off with the mask!

Each morning when Kaelyn takes a bath, we will remove her mask, take the oximeter sensor off her and take off her continuous feed as well.

This is 1 short moment for the day where she will not be attached to any machine. She is pretty glad not to be attached to any machine. And we do feel her gladness for this short while of freedom for her.

The temporary disconnection from the equipments, especially the oximeter, also does makes us feel insecure as we do not have the reading from the oximeter to indicate if her respiration is fine. We have to rely on Kaelyn's facial expression and cues to judge if she is fine.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Equipment failure on the day of discharge

On the day Kaelyn was discharged and coming home, it was supposed to be a non-event, but I think this deserves a post on itself.

Before leaving the hospital, she had suction done on her airway by the nurses. She was transported into our vehicle with all our equipment and belongings, and was on our way home. it was nearing rush hour and traffic was not quite fast. While driving, I secretly prayed that the batteries of the equipment will last the trip home and not give up while stuck in the jam.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kaelyn's 1st involuntary admission

There was going to be an update about how Kaelyn seems to be getting choked up on her own secretions or food. However she was admitted to the hospital before that post was finished.

On the 27th November afternoon, grandma found Kaelyn breathing rapidly. She was promptly sent to the PD nearby for a quick check. At first they were insistent that Kaelyn had to queue up to see the doctor. But after assessing her condition, I am glad they were able to make concessions for her, allowing her to jump queue to have a quick look. Mummy skipped her massage session. I rushed back to have a look.