Friday, August 23, 2013

Home care session (23/08) and reflux issues

Kaelyn measured in at 10kg++ and 81cm in length. Not much weight increase this time round so feeding stays the same. An increase of about 2.5cm in length/height.

She got to try out the cough assist this time round as we requested for it previously. We only tried out a few sets at +-10 pressure settings. This is a very low setting. I guess they have their concerns as I think KKH is trying out the cough assist machine on such a young patient (Kaelyn is 18 months old) for the first time.

I think there was a positive outcome as her SPO2 increase from her average of 98 to 99-100. I shall give it a benefit of doubt that it is the cough assist machine working.

The next time round in hospital would be for her PEG procedure. I really can't wait for this actually as there is a reflux issue surfacing now. Recently Kaelyn had reflux again. This time while suctioning for her. It is worrying. I will try to schedule it earlier if possible.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vomit episode

This afternoon Kaelyn vomited. Thankfully it didn't seem to aspirate into or aspirate enough into the lungs for her to cause any collapse of her lungs.

She desat abit. Thankfully we were around her when it happen so we could do something immediately. I performed suction for her while my helper turned on the oxygen supply immediately.

I think we fed a little too much too fast. It was some fruit purée through her NG tube. But it happen during the feeding. It only happened awhile later when I propped her up and then she started to vomit.

Best not to be too enthusiastic with the additional feeding next time round. Although small amount of food but her underlying condition leads to weak muscles, including those of the sphincter leading to her stomach, this disabling her to hold back food in her stomach.