Monday, March 25, 2013

Outing to Marina Barrage

Shuhui's cousin organised a picnic at the Marina Barrage. We were invited. It was a good chance to bring Kaelyn out for some sightseeing, sun ray and a whiff of fresh air.

Well...not really fresh as she still puts on the bipap mask over her nose.

It was 5:30 pm when we reached. The sun was setting and it was breezy. Worries about the rain were of no concern. So it was good for this young lady who will grimace and voice her complains at strong and warm sunlight.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finally a session at L

We have been making appointments for Kaelyn to attend L's therapy session, but we have to put off thrice because of Kaelyn's. Finally after 3-4 months, Kaelyn was well enough to attend.

The session we had was mainly about fine tuning our technique and timing for chest physio and suctioning this time round.

We also tried sitting her up which is fine as we do it at home sometimes. We flipped her over on her tummy as well. This put her secretion in sort of a free flow mode, which is good as it will not clog her throat. Even L's so call water resistance membrane cloth was not match :)

We tried flipping her at home after the therapy session. She wasn't as cranky as she was at the therapy session. Probably she was surprised by such a move the first time round at the therapy session, considering we didn't put her in this position much. While lying in this manner home, she watched enjoyed her back rubs and massages.

All 3 of us took turns flipping her on her tummy and back. All this flipping back and forth probably tired her out. She was cranky at end of session and was knocked out when we put her back into the stroller.

This is her having her nap in the car while on the way home. Good nap.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time for Vaccination

Upon advice from doctors, we got Kaelyn to go for flu vaccination. She was scheduled for this jab for quite a while. It had to be postponed due to hospitalization, fever or was on anti biotic medication.

Finally, she is ok to go for the jab. But she has 2 for the day, since it was time for her 2nd pneumococcal jab as well. So 1 jab each up her left and right bum.

She is quite experienced and remembers her experience of her jab well. The moment she was flipped over for the jab, she started tearing up. But anyway she finished without much commotion.

However we had to stay a little longer than we wanted in the clinic as she desat due to her secretion. We cleared her up and got out of the place.

Kaelyn's Lunar birthday

Kaelyn's lunar birthday just past. Grandma took the effort to make the red eggs and longevity noodle for her.

Although she couldn't eat any of the above, she had some fun posing with it. She also had the chance to have a few licks of the egg and noodle.

This girl is loved by all :) and we are thankful for that

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday morning walk

We had wanted to bring Kaelyn to a park or something like that but always foiled by the weather.

Hence this time round, instead of opting to go out in the afternoon, where showers are more likely to appear, we went out in the morning.

another 3D2N stay in hospital

Sitting high up (well...high for her) with her favourite chew toy, a syringe. #kaelynaday by ka1w3n
Sitting high up (well...high for her) with her favourite chew toy, a syringe. #kaelynaday, a photo by ka1w3n on Flickr.

This is Kaelyn, sitting up in the hospital bed. Yes she was in KKH for another stay over the last week (26th to 28th Feb 2013) :(

We noticed she had fever going on and off for a few days. We thought maybe it was her teeth cutting out. We just gave her dosage of paracetamol. But it didn't really clear her fever. 5th day, we decided to go to her PD. She noticed that her airway sound uneven. This signals a high chance of collapsed lung probably in her weaker right lung.

This kind of case, we don't have much choice but to go to KKH. Hospital stays kind of which freaks me and my wife out because of the ICU episode of her this admission