Friday, April 25, 2014

Family portrait finally done

We have been wanting to get a family portrait done but have been hesitating. Mostly because we are unsure of the condition we are going to shoot and whether the photographer would be understanding of our K's need.

After the rare disease day 2014, RDSS helped arranged family portrait sessions for her members with Mr. Lawrence Loh of Lawrence Photography 

What we expected was a single photographer who would come in by himself. We are in fact very fine and was expecting only a photographer turning up. We were very appreciative of the photographer's effort to come volunteer and to fulfill one of the things we had wished to do with K.

But no, he had an assistant, make up artist and bodyguard (kidding. That's the boyfriend of the makeup artist). They lugged photography equipments and quite a hefty makeup kit. He had to set up his light boxes, light check, make up for us, just like those photography studio.

Mummy and daddy got their photos taken too. It was kind of awkward. It seems like we haven't really took a photo together for a long time. Made me laugh as I think back about it. 

This one, we are told to form a heart shape. Sorry our imagination is abit limited. 

It was really beyond my expectations to have a whole team of people sacrificing their time on a weekend to bring a smile to a special kid.

And indeed on that day, they made K feel special. And yes, K gave her smiles...lots of it, to them.

Thank you Mr. Lawrence Loh, Charis, Ling ling and Camus for their time and effort to come to ulu punggol and their fine work.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Books and crafts week

This week we started going through story books with K. We haven't read much books With her. The ipad is always an easier choice. Even at night, we also let her be sometimes and watch or play her ipad. 

During midweek, we started going through her books in the evening to avoid over stimulating her with the TV or ipad. It wasn't enough as her limited books are short, touch and feel stories and not all books pike her interest. We went through it within 2 nights.

Fortunately our National library has a very good source of books for the kids. Me and wife went out to borrow these books. It should be able sustain her ever changing interest for a week or 2.

While I was out for the arvo running some errand. Mum and K collaborated on this Easter bunny basket. The handle's not in yet at the point of photo taken. 

She loves to help out in any way she can, be it holding bits of paper or coloring. We let her help if possible. 

Her mind is only limited by her body. We will just have to work harder and improve our imagination to bring the world to her.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Simple Sundays

Was just looking back at last Sunday. We made a trip to the mall with K. It is not always that we bring her out to the mall but we did that. It's just a simply a trip to the mall to do few things like meeting with dad and mum's friend for lunch, doing groceries.

These simple things in life makes K's usually monotonous week seem more special. She usually is confined at home in bed. So to be able to visit the pet store in the mall or window shopping around the kiddy shops makes the week slightly different in a good way.

Having lunch with daddy and mummy's friends.

Shopping for groceries 

Walking around looking at bunnys and hamsters in the pet shop

Exploring the kids' rides. Although it is pretty difficult to get her to ride now, she enjoys looking at kids playing. But she did have 1 kids ride in one of her hospital stay though, before her medical equipments weighed her down.