Friday, February 21, 2014

Biting again

Recently K has the habit of putting some things into her mouth again. Why again? Well because as a baby, she already went though the phase of putting her fist, toys, whatever she can get on her hands, into her mouth.

Now she is doing it again, but not fervently, so we are ok with it. 

Through these actions she is doing, at least she is trying to move her arm and put the objects near her mouth or knocking it against her nasal mask. part of the mask is made of hard plastic, so it produces a knocking sound when knocked against her toy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

K's 2nd Birthday-Grateful and thankful

Yesterday we celebrated K's 2nd birthday with a buffet lunch with some friends and relatives. What a U-turn for me. But it's no biggie, just max 40 people.

When Kaelyn was born, I told myself this little girl's birthday celebrations is going to be very simple home affairs. No big celebrations when she doesn't understand a thing going on around I say.

I did it to celebrate a milestone. It is a milestone for K, that is, just to reach the age of 2.

It is not easy for her to reach this age. The prognosis of SMA is not good for her age as 80% pass away before age of 2. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Portable oximeter

We received a portable oximeter from a friend. We are thankful of the gift. What is even better is that it is same brand as the one we are using at home.

We do not need to source for different sensors. We save cost as we do not need to keep spare of another brand of sensor. it is conveninient as we just need to unplug the sensor and put it into the other oximeter. No unwrapping and wrapping of the tapes over the sensor

When bring Kaelyn out, we can travel lighter. Less worry about breaking her main oximeter when we move her equipment around.

We are thankful for this.